On Location: CBSN

Last week we were part of the CBSN Live Remote for the RED/BLUE show in Columbia SC covering all 23 Democratic Candidates. We were on air for over 6 hours with zero issues. We also gathered all the content for the show earlier in the week comprising many large political panels and interviews. With 18 years of experience in every type of audio field production we are able to work effectively for our clients in any situation. cbsScreen Shot 2019-07-02 at 1.00.42 PM.png

New Equipment: Lectrosonics WideBand Wireless

With an ever changing RF landscape agility with wireless frequencies is becoming more important. We have added 4 Channels of B1 ( Blocks 21,22,23) to our existing inventory of  19, 21 and 25 to make sure we can provide our clients with the best audio possible even in hostile RF environments.