The Boompole is always your best friend

It amazing me how much I have to fight to use the boompole sometimes. As an example on my current show we do alot of formal well lit sit down interviews in addition to on the fly interviews. This sitdown interviews are often very emotional and have caused the talent to starting moving alot while sitting and crying which has made the lav less than ideal in sound. By having the boompole set up for each of these sit downs I was able to deliver great sound without having to stop the interview because of an audio issue. Even though sometimes I am tired and don’t want to go get the C-stand and the mic mate but that is what I am hired to do get good audio and fight the good fight to get it. A shotgun microphone always sounds better than a lav and even though the lav may get ok sound it is my job as the sound mixer to get the BEST sound possible at all times and to never take the easy way out. I also get satisfaction from getting amazing clean high quality audio for at few hours everyday when I can and I know an editor somewhere will be greatful.