On Location: Murdaugh Bond Hearing Columbia SC

I started in this business 21 years ago doing network news and still do it when my schedule permits. On this particular day we were covering a bond hearing along with a press conference. While covering all of this we also do live shots during the day to report what is going. I tell everyone that working network news is hours of boredom with moments of terror mixed in. You have to be ready for the unexpected at any moment.

On this day due to the fast pace of the day and only needing 1-2 wireless microphones I opted for my compact Sound Devices 633 recorder, Lectrosonics SRC with SMWB transmitters and Comtek 216 IFB for the reporter to hear program. This package is very lean and power efficient allowing me to be on stand by all day without any issues.

If you need a Location Sound Mixer in Columbia South Carolina or a Location Sound Mixer in Charleston South Carolina please contact us. We can handle any of your sound for picture needs.

On Location Columbia SC

GMA: Echo Theater

A very interesting and uplifting piece about transforming hate. Challenges on this project included a 3 on 1 large 5 camera interview and a large reverberant location that we used a combo of lav mics and noise reduction settings on the recorder to manage