All Equipment is owned and operated by Whitney Ince / Pro Location Sound LLC.

Packages can be customized to meet any productions needs and budget. 

Mixers and Recorders
Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 II 6 Channel Recorder and computer interface
Sound Devices 633 6 Channel Mixer 10 Channel Recorder
Sound Devices 833 8 Channel Mixer 12 Channel Recorder
(2) Lectrosonics PDR Body worn recorders

Wireless and Lavalier Microphones
(12) Lectrosonics Wireless Kits
(6) Lectrosonics SMWB Super Miniature Transmitters
(6) Lectrosonics MM400 WaterProof Transmitters
(3) Lectrosonics Plug on Transmitters
(2) Lectrosonics  Stereo Wireless Camera Links
(3) Sennheiser G4 Evolution System ( For Mono Audio Feeds to Small Cameras)
(12) Sanken Cos-11 Mics Lav Microphones
(12) Countryman B6 Mics Lav Microphones

Wired Microphones
(2) Schoeps CMC1 with MK4 Capsules
(1) Schoeps MINI-CMIT Shotgun
(1) Sennheiser MKH-50
(1) Sennheiser MKH-40
(1) Sennheiser MKH-416
(3) EV-RE50B Stick Microphone
(2) Sennheiser MD-46 Stick Microphone
(2) Sanken Cos-11 Hardwired Lav Microphones
(2) DPA 4098 gooseneck Plant mics

IFB (Producers Wireless Headsets)
(12) Comtek PR-216 Receivers
(12) Sony MDR-210LP IFB Headphones
(2) Comtek M-216 Option 7 Transmitter
(6) Audio Implements IFB on Camera Ear Pieces
(1)  ACS IFB/ PL Dial Box

(2) Denecke TS-C Slates
(5) Denecke JB-1 Mini Lockit Boxes

Boompoles & Wind Protection
(1) K-Tek KE-102 9’ Internally Cabled
(1) K-Tek KE-110 9.5’Internally Cabled
(1) K-Tek KE-152 13.5’Internally Cabled