On Location: Alabama

Last month I was on location in a small town outside of Montgomery AL bringing awareness to the lack of proper sewer systems and sanitation.

Like many fast pace shoots with many locations being fast/ agile is always important. For this shoot I used my rock solid Sound Devices 833 mixer recorder running active Noise Asst plug in. Along with Lectrosonics SRC/ SMWB wireless and a Schoeps Mini CMIT on the boom. For all these uncontrolled shoots Noise Asst has really become a game changer in improving what I deliver to my clients. The story is below.

On Location Alabama

If you need a Location Sound Mixer in the South East Please contact us. We work often in many places including Charleston South Carolina.

On Location: Multi Cam Interview

Working as a Location Sound Mixer in Charleston SC means I work on many different types of productions with one of the most common being the high end multi camera interview. In this story for CBS we did a five camera interview trying to provide production with many different angles to cover this important story.

Since the start of COVID I have done countless COVID hospital stories this one was the most impactful since it was told through the unique point of view of a photo journalist/ nurse. The best part of this job is being able to tell stories like this. You can watch it below. If you need a Location Sound Mixer in Charleston SC, Columbia SC or Savannah GA please contact us.

On Location Charleston SC

GMA: Echo Theater

A very interesting and uplifting piece about transforming hate. Challenges on this project included a 3 on 1 large 5 camera interview and a large reverberant location that we used a combo of lav mics and noise reduction settings on the recorder to manage