New Equipment: Red Gemini Timecode Cables

With every new model of Red camera they seem to change the timecode inout connector. The Gemini is no exception with many functions share a single 9 pin Lemo connector. With the Gemini becoming a much more common camera we have added (3) of the Lemo 9 pin to our rental inventory along with timecode cables for every other RED and Arri camera. No matter what camera system your production is using we have the right tools and experience to help.

If you need a Location Sound Mixer in the Savannah area please contact us. We also work all over the Southeast so if you need a Location Sound Mixer in the Charleston SC we can help too.

On Location: Alabama

Last month I was on location in a small town outside of Montgomery AL bringing awareness to the lack of proper sewer systems and sanitation.

Like many fast pace shoots with many locations being fast/ agile is always important. For this shoot I used my rock solid Sound Devices 833 mixer recorder running active Noise Asst plug in. Along with Lectrosonics SRC/ SMWB wireless and a Schoeps Mini CMIT on the boom. For all these uncontrolled shoots Noise Asst has really become a game changer in improving what I deliver to my clients. The story is below.

On Location Alabama

If you need a Location Sound Mixer in the South East Please contact us. We work often in many places including Charleston South Carolina.

Back at it in 2022

We want to wish all our clients and friends a Happy New Year! 2022 is already off to a great start with jobs in Columbia SC, Charleston SC and Brunswick GA.

Last week we were working with CBS News down in Brunswick GA covering the sentencing phase of a trial. With warmer then normal weather and great crew we delivered great sound as always.

If you need a Location Sound Mixer in Savannah GA or a Location Sound Mixer in Charleston South Carolina feel free to contact us.

On Location Brunswick GA

On Location: Live Music Video

This job was a last minute booking that is not the standard dialogue recording job I usually do. However being a Location Sound Mixer means being prepared for anything that might happen. We recorded the singing and guitar playing live while in one continuous take for the music video below. Due to unscripted nature of sound we used Lectrosonics SMWB wireless on each talent into a Sound Devices 633 due to lighting and high background noise no boom microphone was used. I used a Sanken COS-11 on the guitar player which is my go to lav microphone for most situations. However due to wardrobe on the singer I had to use a white Countryman B6 in collar of shirt which yielded great results despite its less then optimal placement.

These types of shoots are very challenging due to dynamic range if singer and guitar player but using my 20+ years of experience I was able to get it right the first time.

If you need a Location Sound Mixer in the Savannah Georgia area or a Location Sound Mixer in Charleston South Carolina please contact us.

Below is the finished video with audio recorded on location.

Watch Video Here

On Location: Georgia Port Gov Kemp

Fast turn around productions are one of our speciality. We pride ourselves on providing clients with broadcast ready audio mix tracks that they can just drop into the edit for quick turn around productions. This project was a a great example of this we filmed on a Friday afternoon and the final edit had to be delivered by Sunday. This project also had a few audio challenges including filming at an active container yard at the port next to a busy road and being directly under the flight path of the airport.

We were able to over come these challenges with good microphone placement and use of our active noise reduction Noise Asst on the Sound Devices 833. Many people assume that a Lav microphone is best way to deal with noisy locations however this isn’t always the case. On this video we used our Schoeps Mini CMIT inches out of frame to give us the best signal to noise ratio along with the Noise Asst to bring down the noise floor of the recordings take a listen to the final product below to see how well it all worked out.

If you have a project that needs a Location Sound Mixer in Savannah Ga or a Location Sound Mixer in Charleston South Carolina feel free to contact us. We also love to travel anywhere you might need us

On Location Georgia Ports