On Location: Georgia Port Gov Kemp

Fast turn around productions are one of our speciality. We pride ourselves on providing clients with broadcast ready audio mix tracks that they can just drop into the edit for quick turn around productions. This project was a a great example of this we filmed on a Friday afternoon and the final edit had to be delivered by Sunday. This project also had a few audio challenges including filming at an active container yard at the port next to a busy road and being directly under the flight path of the airport.

We were able to over come these challenges with good microphone placement and use of our active noise reduction Noise Asst on the Sound Devices 833. Many people assume that a Lav microphone is best way to deal with noisy locations however this isn’t always the case. On this video we used our Schoeps Mini CMIT inches out of frame to give us the best signal to noise ratio along with the Noise Asst to bring down the noise floor of the recordings take a listen to the final product below to see how well it all worked out.

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On Location Georgia Ports