On Location: Live Music Video

This job was a last minute booking that is not the standard dialogue recording job I usually do. However being a Location Sound Mixer means being prepared for anything that might happen. We recorded the singing and guitar playing live while in one continuous take for the music video below. Due to unscripted nature of sound we used Lectrosonics SMWB wireless on each talent into a Sound Devices 633 due to lighting and high background noise no boom microphone was used. I used a Sanken COS-11 on the guitar player which is my go to lav microphone for most situations. However due to wardrobe on the singer I had to use a white Countryman B6 in collar of shirt which yielded great results despite its less then optimal placement.

These types of shoots are very challenging due to dynamic range if singer and guitar player but using my 20+ years of experience I was able to get it right the first time.

If you need a Location Sound Mixer in the Savannah Georgia area or a Location Sound Mixer in Charleston South Carolina please contact us.

Below is the finished video with audio recorded on location.

Watch Video Here https://drive.google.com/file/d/16DScmcei-zt1GOqFD_yYD1AS6zVC7NZJ/view?usp=sharing