Case Study: Talking Head Direct to Camera

Charleston South Carolina On Location

In my 20 years as a Location Sound Mixer in the Southeast I have done over a 1000 direct to camera talking head shoots. While these type of shoots appear to be very basic it still requires proper planning and execution in order to achieve great results. this starts with the proper equipment selection for the job.

Proper equipment selection is always my first step in planning any job and for a talking head it comes down to recorder and microphone choice. The Sound Devices 833 Recorder is always my first choice for most jobs with high quality pre amps and three media recording is will never let you down. I have vast collection of microphones in my equipment inventory but my first choice for indoor production is always the Schoeps CMC preamp with MK capsule. It has been the golden standard for dialogue recording for over 30 years it offers clean crisp recordings that allow dialogue to stand out front and center which is where it needs to be for a talking head.

So if you have a commercial corporate or documentary production in Savannah Georgia, Charleston South Carolina or Columbia South Carolina feel free to contact us.