Case Study: Charleston Sound Mixer and Will Smith

Looking at today at a fun but complicated job with Will Smith a few years ago. This job while seeming simple drew on my experience as a Location Sound Mixer in both commercial work and network news. This shoot was the first Instagram live to the Space station with Will conversing with the orbiting astronauts. This would be a simple shoot on earth however getting video and audio up / back to the ISS required us to interface with mission control in Houston TX. I had to dial an IFB line with real time delay compensation to allow Will to speak to them in sync with the video since both were coming from separate sources. We also filmed some other more commercial style content requiring me to draw on my experience and equipment selection to complete the job. The equipment selection for this job was a Sound Devices 688 Recorder, JK Audio Hybrid Phone Interface, Lectrosonics SRC Wireless and a Schoeps Mini CMIT on the boom. Overall it was a very successful project and working with Will Smith was great I hope to do it again some day. If you need a Location Sound Mixer in Charleston South Carolina or my home base of Savannah GA please reach out.

Will Smith talking to ISS