Wired or Wireless Boompole that is the question?

On a serious note this is a hotly debated topic in the sound industry today. Some mixers even claim with some of the newer all digital transmition systems that they cannot tell the difference between a wired and wireless boom. Here is my take on the situation: I definately hear a difference between my lectrosonics plug on tx and plugging my boompole in. However at the pace I have to move in the reality world having my boom free from me and quickly moveable as well as quickly being able to stick it on a stand for an interview. It is a trade off but in the reality world with all the background noise and situations I am in you will never hear the higher noise floor.

1 thought on “Wired or Wireless Boompole that is the question?”

  1. Hi Whitney. I agree completely with you. I’ve been using wireless boom for the past 5 years or so on a variety of TV series and movies. Starting with a my trusty Lectro 190 series transmitters, and now my UM400s. In the situations we need to use the wireless boom in, the difference in sound quality is irrelevant most of the time. When we can, we use a wired system, in the studio for instance, but when it’s really frickin’ cold up here in the Canadian winter, and it’s night exteriors, the boom ops are a lot happier. Try coiling up a mic cable when it’s -30C. Never got a complaint from post.

    Chris Newton


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