Kit Recommendations

Been to busy will try to write more. Someone emailed me for advice on a basic starter kit.  Don’t buy anything really cheap or crappy it will fail you. Especially when trying to get your foot in the door you only get one shot to do a good job so don’t risk it with bad or substandard gear here is my take:

Sound Devices 302 with mixer bag

(2) Senneheiser G2 wireless ( buy one system with plug on tx)

(2) Countryman EMW lav microphones (Cheap good upgrade to provided lav)

Ktek Avalon boompole internally cabled

At 8415 Shockmount

Rode NTG2 Shotgun microphone with Rycote Softee

Cables, adapters etc…..

Under $5000.00

Don’t go any cheaper than this!!!!

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