Reality Show set politics

Will try and post more just been very very busy. I just talked with a fellow sound mixer friend of mine who doesn’t do much reality tv work but is very experienced in news and doc work. He called asking me for some advice on his upcoming gig.  First some background on the gig it is a pilot and a nightshoot. These is the worst combination there is a pilot (no budget high stress) night shooting (which is always no fun). The only good thing about most reality shows is despite being difficult and taxing they have a good size budget to rent the right gear and hire the right team. The other reason I hate pilots is they only usually want to rent a 3 channel package 2 lav and boom. Which is never enough most of the shows I do I have 4 wireless or more. So my friend said that they wanted a wireless camera link but that the producer stated she didn’t want the camera op to listen. If using a wireless hop the camera op MUST ALWAYS LISTEN. Since that is the only way to make sure the audio is being recorded correctly. He explained this to the producer who said “It is your job as the sound mixer to listen to the audio”. This is the classic sign of a stupid producer your hired as the audio expert so they should listen to you. Remember that you need to stand your ground and do what it takes to get good audio

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