Reality Show Sound nothing else like it

I wish went I was in film school starting in 2001 someone would have just sat me down for 1 hour and told me all the things it took me 4 years to figure out on my own. I guest lecture at the local film school in Savannah (SCAD) a few times a year and will reality tv here to stay they are still not telling students what they really need to know. It bothers me that a school that charges close to $80,000 for a 4 year degree only teaches students how to work on feature films and high budget productions which we all know is not where they will start working. The program should focus on things like how to lav 5 people in 5 minutes while a producer is yelling at you or how to make sure you get paid correctly. Sometimes it makes me want to teach so I can do this but then I realize I would get frustrated dealing with green sound and film kids everyday.

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