On Location: 48 Hours High Profile Interviews

Being a Location Sound Mixer in the Charleston South Carolina and Savannah Georgia area means I do many different types and kind of shoots. News magazines is one of them especially high profile ones such as what is pictured above. The interview above is a standard 2 on 1 interview meanings two talent talking to one reporter a very common set up.

My equipment choices for this interview was a my trusty Sound Devices 833 Mixer/ recorder, Lectrosonics SMWB wireless with Cos-11 lav mics on the talent and a Schoeps CMC1 over the reporter. My preference would have been to put Schoeps microphones over all of them however the framing/ lighting made this not feasible. If you want to see the complete interview view it here

Like most of these large network interviews we had 3-4 hours to set up light and check in with New York who was watching via a Zoom chat room to maintain social distancing and limit people on set. The interview went off well and everyone was happy with the results. So if you have a high profile interview in Charleston South Carolina or the Southeast and need an experienced Location Sound Mixer with over 20 years of experience please contact us.

Interview Charleston SC area

On Location Podcast Recording

Podcasts have become more popular the last few years especially hybrid shoots that are a video interview along with gathering the audio for the pod cast. These shoots need extra attention and consideration paid to the quality of the audio recording since podcast listens expect studio quality audio even when not in a studio. To add more complication to this is having to record most interviews outside due to COVID restriction making noise control even more difficult. However On Location Podcast Recording with high quality is possible.

The most important to control background noise I did this by running the Noise Assist active noise reduction on my Sound Devices 833 recorder. I then chose a high quality microphone to record with my go to microphone for dialogue is always a Schoeps CMC/ MK 41 nothing is better. You can listen below to the results all the location interviews were recorded with way with interviewer inside his podcast studio. If you need a sound mixer in Charleston South Carolina or anywhere let us know.

On Location Podcast Recording Into America


Case Study: Charleston Sound Mixer and Will Smith

Looking at today at a fun but complicated job with Will Smith a few years ago. This job while seeming simple drew on my experience as a Location Sound Mixer in both commercial work and network news. This shoot was the first Instagram live to the Space station with Will conversing with the orbiting astronauts. This would be a simple shoot on earth however getting video and audio up / back to the ISS required us to interface with mission control in Houston TX. I had to dial an IFB line with real time delay compensation to allow Will to speak to them in sync with the video since both were coming from separate sources. We also filmed some other more commercial style content requiring me to draw on my experience and equipment selection to complete the job. The equipment selection for this job was a Sound Devices 688 Recorder, JK Audio Hybrid Phone Interface, Lectrosonics SRC Wireless and a Schoeps Mini CMIT on the boom. Overall it was a very successful project and working with Will Smith was great I hope to do it again some day. If you need a Location Sound Mixer in Charleston South Carolina or my home base of Savannah GA please reach out.

Will Smith talking to ISS

Case Study: Talking Head Direct to Camera

Charleston South Carolina On Location

In my 20 years as a Location Sound Mixer in the Southeast I have done over a 1000 direct to camera talking head shoots. While these type of shoots appear to be very basic it still requires proper planning and execution in order to achieve great results. this starts with the proper equipment selection for the job.

Proper equipment selection is always my first step in planning any job and for a talking head it comes down to recorder and microphone choice. The Sound Devices 833 Recorder is always my first choice for most jobs with high quality pre amps and three media recording is will never let you down. I have vast collection of microphones in my equipment inventory but my first choice for indoor production is always the Schoeps CMC preamp with MK capsule. It has been the golden standard for dialogue recording for over 30 years it offers clean crisp recordings that allow dialogue to stand out front and center which is where it needs to be for a talking head.

So if you have a commercial corporate or documentary production in Savannah Georgia, Charleston South Carolina or Columbia South Carolina feel free to contact us.

On Location Charleston South Carolina

Providing Great Location Sound Mixing in Charleston SC for an upcoming special on Gullah Heritage. We used our Sound Devices 833 recorder to feed two camera along with a zoom meeting. If you have a basic interview job or large scale commercial production please reach out. We have over 20 years of experience in getting it right the first time.

To see our credits visit here https://prolocationsound.wordpress.com/credits/

To learn more about the Sound Devices 833 Recorder https://www.sounddevices.com/product/833/

On Location Charleston SC