Importance of back up equipment

Your only as good as your last job and your equipment. Not having your equipment in proper working order and not having back up equipment is a quick way to get yourself in trouble. Even though the equipment of today is reliable things still break and need to be repaired. In an ideal world we would have two of everything we own, however this is cost prohibitive. So my way of having back up equipment is never to sell anything when I upgrade so within five years I now have 3 mixers, 5 wireless and 3 boom poles. This has also allowed me to rent gear as well, which creates a nice stream of extra income. So have back up gear it is a solid investment

Dealing with last minute cancellations

Thankfully business for me recently has been very good and I have been working for reliable and quick paying clients (NBC News, UPN Network etc…) I already had a planned trip to South FL to see my family so when I got a call for a low budget short film in south fl I changed around my vacation so that I could do the film and see my family. Well to make a long story short I was suppose to get our schedule today and got this email instead, “Bad news. I have lost my cinematographer to another, much higher paying job. I am sorry, but the shoot is off. If i can offer a last minute compensation of $50 for your troubles, would that be ok?” My answer is of course no as less than 24 hour cancellations mean full payments. But I broke my own rules with this shoot I didn’t get a deposit and don’t have a signed deal memo or contract so shame on me, at least I have more time to spend with my family.  But this should serve as a warning to all of us when working with new clients to spell out your polices and always try and do the following:

1. Get a deal memo or signed contract I also always try to make sure I have an email from the producer stating our agreement as well.

2. Always make sure you have equipment requirements, hours, day rate and terms of payment spelled out in writing

3. Go with your gut if something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t

4. Only work for a wage your comfortable with.

Upgrading my Mac Os to Leopard

Since a own a fairly New Macbook I decided to upgrade to Leopard because I am a gear head and always like to have the newest and coolest toys even though I only use my macbook for personal stuff and not any audio work. The upgrade went well until it finished and my machine was running slow so I did a fresh install of Leopard and now everything is working great no issues at all. I really like many things about Leopard including “Time Machine” , “Spaces and the ability to use the apple Y key to open documents and preview them. I have also upgraded 3 other family members Mac’s with no issues. I find that doing a fresh install is a little bit better than just doing an upgrade, however both work well. One final note always back up everything before a upgrade in case of a problem

I-Power 9v Rechargeable Batteries

For anyone who hasn’t tried these rechargeable batteries they are a must. I use them as my primary battery in all my 200c and 250c Tx with zero issues. On my last project I saved over $1000.00 over using standard   Ultralife 9v Lithium’s. The starter kit from Trew Audio includes a 4 bay charger and 4 batteries for $94.00.

The charger charges each battery in about an hour and also has a car adapter. I get the same or better battery life as with normal batteries. The only thing that needs to be watched is that they die suddenly so watch the voltage level on the Rx is important.  Here is where to buy them

So try out a set they will pay for themselves