Importance of back up equipment

Your only as good as your last job and your equipment. Not having your equipment in proper working order and not having back up equipment is a quick way to get yourself in trouble. Even though the equipment of today is reliable things still break and need to be repaired. In an ideal world we would have two of everything we own, however this is cost prohibitive. So my way of having back up equipment is never to sell anything when I upgrade so within five years I now have 3 mixers, 5 wireless and 3 boom poles. This has also allowed me to rent gear as well, which creates a nice stream of extra income. So have back up gear it is a solid investment

2 thoughts on “Importance of back up equipment”

  1. Whitney,

    You know, I have never understood why clients expect the sound department to have two of everything on hand for the price of a single kit rental. They certainly don’t expect this from any other department. I mean, when was the last time you saw a DP show up with two cameras?

    Sorry, rant over. 🙂



  2. I agree 100 percent Christian, however the reality is that is what they expect. I usually carry a mix-pre, a G2 wireless, and a Rode NTG1 already set up in its own Kata bag ready to go. IF someone wants to pay for back up gear I will bring my M4 mixer 2 G2 and 2nd Np1 system. That being said the only things that ever seem to fail on me are cables and lav connectors


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