Doing Sound While in Paris

Well Guys I am on Day 3 of 7 on my documentary shoot in Paris. So far everything is going great. My Block 27 Lectros have worked everywhere little difficulty and only had to retune a few times (All shooting has taken place near downtown Paris). Overall it has been a great and very easy shoot. We are doing mostly sitdown interviews in private residences and a tiny bit of of walk and talk mixed in with B-Roll around the town most days 8 hours or less. So my 302 mixer with (2) 211 and my Mkh-416 on my K-tek Ke-89cc which fits inside my backpack perfectly. I haven’t really used the boom at all though since it is so loud outside. The French people we have encountered are all very nice and the language difference hasn’t really caused any major issues at all. The only thing this trip has really reminded me is how much I hate rolling around a light kit. We don’t have a P.A so part of my job when we are not shooting is to roll the Softbank kit around. But hey as sound jobs go I am having a great time going out at night and eating great food

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