What makes shooting in Paris Difficult

If we where doing this shoot anywhere in the USA it would be easy. It is mostly sit down interview and walk and talk. But the logistics is killing us on this shoot. We are shooting in mostly private homes, however none of us expected homes with tiny elevators, lack of power for the softbank kit and expense/ difficulty of traveling within France on the Train. Even the simplest tasks are difficult because no one on the production team speaks French, all of us speak alittle bit of  Spanish which has been useful and useless at times. Everyone we are interviewing speaks english and French, which has been very helpful to us as they have helped us get cabs, book train tickets and obtain things we need. The weather has been pretty good most of our trip. We spent most of yesterday doing B-roll of the city and getting our talent walking around. It was a light sound day so I tried to be helpful to our camera man (and my good friend) by carrying the Tripod or rolling around the light kit. I was thinking if we had spare time we should make a photo montage called “Softbank Kit is Paris” but we haven’t had time. After rolling around the light kit yesterday and carrying the tripod I am so happy I am a sound guy. My sound package is so lite and easy to manage compared to everything else. Overall it has been a great shoot so far, Later today we are taking the Bullet Train to Lyon for the night to do a day of B-roll and interviews. I have never been on a long distance train trip before so I am looking forward to it.

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