Taking a hard look at my approach to things

I have been working alot recently on a new reality show that has yet to air and it has been a rough bit of shooting. 4 or 5 wireless going all the time, lots of quick location changes and alot of people to mic up quickly and since we don’t have a 2nd crew I need to move fast so that camera is not waiting on me. Everyday I have been trying to figure out ways to move fast and do a better job at the same time, which is easier said then done. My first challenge was lighten by 25lb sound bag up a bit by using thinner cables and cable the exact length I need this saved me about 1lb . I also am now using a wireless plug on tx on my boompole at all times now this saves me time when setting up for our sit down interviews and allows me to have more freedom of motion when booming and not having to worry about plugging the boompole in. I have also started leaving more spare items in the production van instead of on me this has saved me 3lbs so my bag is now about 21lbs which is much better than 25. So I invite all of you to really take a hard look at how you do things and maybe you can save some weight too.

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