Eneloop Pro AAA ( Black Label)

I have been an avid user of rechargeable AA and 9V for many years however with so few things needing AAA I haven’t taken the rechargeable plunge. However recently in an effort to be more green I have recently added some Eneloop Pro AAA for our Mozegear sync boxes and head lamps. We decided to go with the Eneloop Pro which have been flawless the last 3 months. They also have very low self discharge and have been lasting just as long or longer as there alkaline brothers. They have been a great addition to our package

I-Power 9v Rechargeable Batteries

For anyone who hasn’t tried these rechargeable batteries they are a must. I use them as my primary battery in all my 200c and 250c Tx with zero issues. On my last project I saved over $1000.00 over using standard   Ultralife 9v Lithium’s. The starter kit from Trew Audio includes a 4 bay charger and 4 batteries for $94.00.

The charger charges each battery in about an hour and also has a car adapter. I get the same or better battery life as with normal batteries. The only thing that needs to be watched is that they die suddenly so watch the voltage level on the Rx is important.  Here is where to buy them http://trewaudio.com/store/product.php?productid=780&cat=2&page=1

So try out a set they will pay for themselves