Sound Devices 552 Mixer

I am happy to report that my Sound Devices 552 Mixer is currently being built and should be to me right after the first of the year. I haven’t been this excited about a new piece of gear since I got my first Zaxcom Camera Hop about 4 years ago.  This mixer/ recorder is going to simplify the way I work dramatically.  Currently on most reality/ENG jobs I carry the following as my mixer/recorder combo. Sound Devices 442 Mixer, Sound Devices Mix-pre, 702T recorder, While this system has served me well for many years it is heavy and I often only need 5 channels and not 6 it also isn’t the most power efficient way to work either. Now with the 552 I can remove all this from the bag and carry one mixer for under $3000 is a very good value and will fit into my work flow nicely. Once I get mine I will post my thoughts and feelings.

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