Tech Tip: Spars Timecode Book

I don’t often recommend books but the other day when trying to clarify a time code questions I reached for my SPARS Time Code Book for a quick answer so if you don’t understand Time code well or just need a handy reference quick pick one up. It is available online and at Audio Retailers Like TREW Audio below is a quick summary of the book:

The SPARS Time Code Primer is perfect for those who need a clear, concise reference when those pesky time code problems pop up… or if you may want to brush up on the latest techniques for interfacing different systems. This 72 page book was developed by SPARS members to help their employees quickly come to terms and work productively with time code. It is a practical book that spends little time on technology, and rather focuses on immediate, practical “how to” and troubleshooting material. It is used internationally for training by studios and as a textbook by numerous educational programs.


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