Tech Tip: Transportation of gear

I try to never check my gear on an aircraft. I FEDEX all my gear now. I get production to either provide with with fedex slips or account number. I usually ship it standard overnight or two day if time permits and insure it each case for my insurance deductible just in case there is an issue with the company and its insurance. For most of my reality shows I ship three cases and a pvc pipe with boompoles in it. If your going to fly with the gear zip tie cases you check shut and tape extras to outside of case. I always use bright colored ties so i can see instantly if it has been searched. But the FEDEX method is much easier i just call hotel ahead of time to tell them it is coming and make sure it is the hotel we are actually staying at as more than  once production gave me wrong address for hotel. When i arrive it is there and waiting for me. When we wrap I just call for a pick up and leave cases at hotel or since fedex is near airport just drop it off before flight. No stress no lugging cases around.

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