Alfa Combo-Case Boompole and Zeppelin Shipping Case

This case was released about 6 months ago and I am thinking about buying one to better protect my windscreens and poles It will accept boom poles up to 28 inches and has space for head phones a microphone or two and a Zeppelin of any size. At a Price Point of $200.00 it is an affordable option. Below is what the manufacturer has to say:

The days of measuring the diagonal of a production case to see if your boom pole might just fit have finally ended. Alfa Case, makers of the Boom tube and Mictube, has introduced the Combo-Case which holds zeppelin-style windscreens with mic mounts, headphones, AND up to a 28-inch collapsed boom pole. Forget gun cases that can’t fit your Rycote, but hold your boom. And leave behind the flight case that only holds the mic/wind protection rig. Finally, this location-audio-specific case can do it all!The Alfa Combo-Case accommodates Rycote S-series wind systems, Rycote Modular Windshield Kits 1-7, 10, the Rode Blimp and K-Tek K-Zep systems. The Combo-Case also accepts the following fully collapsed boom poles: PSC Elite Small and Medium poles, K-Tek K-56, K-81, K-102, K-123 (CC only) KEG-60, KEG-88, KEG-100, KE-69, KE-79, KE-89, KE-110, VDB Baby, Small, and Medium boom poles.

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