Remote Audio Talk Back system for 442

A few months ago Remote Audio which makes alot of great products for the sound mixer or recordist released a version of there popular boom operator talk back system that works with the 442. This solves alot of problems for mixers like me that mostly do reality tv and news work but occasionally also do a commercial or film shoot. It isn’t cost effective or practice for me to have a desk style mixer but I need some of the features most have like talk back.  Belowo  is a what Remote Audio has to say about there system and how it works,

Sound Mixer talking privately to the Boom Operator

The SD-442 mixer has a user-settable option called “Comm Mic Function” that routes the internal slate mic privately to the right channel TA3 connector. When in this mode, the A/B return monitor toggle switch serves as a Push-To-Talk (PTT) button activating the PL mic, allowing the Sound Mixer at the SD-442 mixer to talk privately to the Boom Operator.

Boom Operator talking privately to the Sound Mixer

The Boom Operator wears the Remote Audio Boom Box, which, when the PTT button is pressed, amplifies the Boom Operator’s headphone talkback mic to line level. This signal is bridged into the SD-442 headphone signal, allowing the Sound Mixer to hear the Boom Operator privately. The Boom Box also feeds the talkback signal to the Boom Operator’s headphones so they can hear their own voice via “side tone” which makes it easier for them to speak softly and clearly.


The Boom Operator’s headphone signal is a sum of the SD-442 channel-1 mix (LEFT) and the PL mic. This signal is independent of the SD-442 headphone settings, and is not affected by the Sound Mixer’s monitoring choices such as PFL, stereo, left-only, right-only, etc.


In this simple configuration, the Boom Operator’s headphone levels are not adjustable, and are instead dependent on the level of the left channel mix bus. Most will find the level to be adequate and comfortable. However, an additional small mixer may be used for more comprehensive monitor options.

The price of the system for everything you need including 50 feet of duplex cable and MDR 7506 headphones with talkback microphone is $745.00 which makes it fairly affordable If you already have the headphone with talkback microphone the system is only $495.00. Making is a cost effective addition to any kit. I know I’ll be buying one once I get another job that requires it.

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