3 thoughts on “Me working on a few weeks ago”

  1. DT770 headphones are hot in summer and they can sound bright, but they are comfortable and are my option when working in noisy enviroments. Thanks for the NTG3 review, I´ll recommend to my boss to check it out.


    1. I have used DT 770 headphones since 1999 and love them for everything. My original pair still works though I replaced them a few years ago with a newer pair. The NTG-3 is the best shotgun microphone under $1000.00 Glad you like the blog


  2. By the way, we usually work with MKE-2 capsules and Sennheiser transmitters here. Sometimes we use Beyerdynamic or Lectrosonics Tx too. Truth is MKE-2 sounds great but when you try to hidden it under some clothes response gets awful. I´ve never tried Countryman EMWs, and it seems the choice for some of you. Do you have any preference between them?


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