Spare and backup equipment always important

I wanted to say welcome to all the Fullsail students/ graduates who have emailed me directly. I thank you for reading.  A reader emailed me and asked me how much spare equipment I bring with me when working. Well it is sort of a loaded question. I own alot of gear, I only use all of it a few times a year so I own at least 2 spare of everything. When I am working most of the time I am using for 4 channel package, which consists of 3 wireless, wireless camera link, comtek IFB and sound devices 442 mixer. But when using this package I always have my 302 3 channel package with me which consists of my 302 3 channel mixer, (2) 201 wireless, BDS power system and cables for wireless camera link. I usually only use this package now as a 2nd package which I rent when I am on a show that needs a second package, as back up or if I am doing a show that requires me to have a small equipment bag like Cops or something that requires me to move faster and be more compact since the 302 package is about 8lbs while the 442 package is 22lbs 😦 . In addition to these two full packages I also have a PSC 4 channel mixer and 2 Sennheiser G2 wireless (which is what I started my career with) I also have a spare 210D Lectro system as well. When I was starting out and had no money at all. I made sure I had spare cables, spare lav microphones and a soldering iron with me and it served me well. That being said I have never had anything but an XLR cable break on me while shooting but I would never chance not having spare parts with me at all times. I also have a rule of never selling anything when I buy something better. Sound gear holds its value very very well so don’t shoot yourself int he foot by selling stupidly. So in closing (So I can go to the beach) start with just spare cables and lav microphones then move on from there

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