How to Save your back

Another Sound Mixer on RAMPS yesterday posted regarding how much lighter a Wendt X5 5 channel Mixer and 5 411a wireless are than a Sound Devices 442 and 4 411a. This is true however I think the Sound Devices mixer sounds alot better. For me I carry around a 442, 4 wireless, zaxcom hop and IFB all day with a weight of 22lbs and have zero back pain. Sometimes I am alittle stiff in the morning for a few mins but zero pain. I do this by using the smallest bag possible which in this case is a PEGZ-1F. Which everything is crammed into but by keeping the bag small and close to your body I believe this keeps back strain down. I also have a PEGZ-2 which I can add a hard disk recorder to if needed, which is rare for me. Using a sound harness that is extremely tight to your body also helps cut down on back strain. The only days I am really hurting are the days after having to do alot of boom operating while wearing the bag it is rough very rough sometimes on my shoulder but as they say” No Pain No gain” If this kind of work was easy everyone would do it. Also I only using this package on jobs that require it. Most of the year I use a 302 Mixer 2 or 3 wireless and a boom pole. I would gladly take a hit on equipment rental and save my back any day of the week.

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