Approaching a car scene

Today, I faced one of my least favorite scenes to shoot one that takes place in a car while mixing in Savannah Ga . The scene involved a 6 year old girl and her father having a conversation ranging from whispers to loud laughing. I considered using wireless to cover the scene but the little girl was wearing a thick winter coat and scarf which would have made hiding the lav difficult and since her voice was so high and loud I was concerned about mic level distortion. It would have been Ideal to have a Sanken Cub for this scene but I didn’t have time to secure one, but it is a microphone I am considering purchasing very soon for these situation. I just don’t do many films anymore and have been trying to cut back my G.A.S (Gear Acquiring Syndrome). So I decided just to keep it simple and use my short boompole and aim it through the back door right between both characters while trying to avoid getting burned by the 2k right below my arms while the camera op was shooting the scene handheld. I was able to record at a decent level but it is always rough when you have zero head room and have the microphone jammed into the headliner of the car. So the best way to approach car scenes usually are Boundary Microphones, Plant microphones and wireless. Though I was able to wing it, which was no fun

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