Why I am a Location Sound Mixer

I have been doing a variety of different types of projects recently. The last year or so I have been doing mostly corporate video stuff, reality tv and some news. But in the last few weeks I have done a indy film, corporate video, national commercial and some audio consulting work. It has been nice having a change of pace, even though the indy films don’t pay as well as some of my other types of work. I had a 1st year film student ask me “Why your a Location Sound guy?”. So I went through my normal answers of I enjoy a new challenge everyday, I like meeting new people,I like being my own boss and enjoy being able to mix and spend time in South Fl, Ga and many other places. After I answered he responded, “You could have had those same things if you where a grip, camera operator or any other film job. So I responded, ” I am a sound guy its in my blood, I have an instinct and 6th sense about it that most people don’t have. I also couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life and even if I made alot of money doing something else I would do something sound related still. It is that passion that drives me to work hard even at hour 14 of a 16 hour day. I would love to hear your comments on why your a sound person.

1 thought on “Why I am a Location Sound Mixer”

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