K-Tek Boompoles

I own 3 K-tek Boompoles 2 Avalon poles one which is 7ft and another that is 9ft long. Then I also own a 12.5ft Carbon Fiber Stage pole. Since I do mostly ENG and Reality Tv work now I really don’t use the stage pole much anymore because it is so big and hard to manage while running and gunning it. But since my avalon poles are both at K-tek for repair and cleaning (which was completed within one day thanks K-tek) I had to use my stage pole for this low budget film I am doing. I had forgotten how much I love boom operating with a K-tek stage pole. I have used VDB poles before but I just love the weight and feeling of a stage pole in my hands. It also slides so smoothly. It made my day  a little easier so I guess I will be using the stage pole more often. I would love some reader feedback on there favorite boompole and why.

1 thought on “K-Tek Boompoles”

  1. Hi Whitney-
    I found your blog through Christian’s sync.sound blog. I really enjoy reading both of your blogs, they are very informative. I just started out in location sound out here in SF, CA. The other day I used a Ktek boom with an internal mic cable, but I found one of the big problems with internal vs. w/o the internal cable, is that it was very susceptible to noise whenever I moved the slightest bit. (or my arms were shaking bc it was a long scene!). I was thinking that might outweigh the convenience of the internal cable. But I may end up with one of each.


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