I power 9v rechargeable batteries an Update

A few months ago I posted about my I power batteries, which I had been using for a few months. They where working great then and are still working great now. The only issue I have had is 1 bay in one of my chargers stopped working so I replaced the charger for $24.00. But all 12 of my batteries are all still holding a charge and saving me a ton of money. I still carry 10 Ultra-life Lithium 9v, which I will use if I am doing a P.A Feed and have to leave the Tx unattended. I don’t trust the I-Power’s that much just yet but I may soon. The batteries come fresh off the charger at 8.5-8.6 volts and if they have been sitting for a few days start out around 8.2volts. But work great in my 250c 1/4 watt tx’s down to 7.2 volts I usually change them out at 7.5 volts though as when the I power dies it dies fast and not completely discharging them also extend there life.  With my regular clients I usually bill $10.00 a day for them in I am using 2 lectro that day and $5.00 for each additional wireless and if I am doing a longer term project I usually bill them flat rate of $100.00 if the shoot is over 5 days. Most clients love this because it saves them money and I like helping Mother Nature.  So check out the I power 4 battery and 4 bay charger for $94.00 it is a great buy.

I-Power Battery Kit

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