My New Boompole

I have grown tired of carrying around a boom pole on reality tv and gun/run jobs that is always getting in the way especially since I really don’t use it all that much. I currently have a K-tek Stage pole that extends to 18 feet I rarely use this pole anymore except for when I do film work or on set tv work I love the pole but it is way to big to carry around. I have for the last three years been using a K-tek Avalon pole that extends to 9 feet it was under $200.00 and has been a great value for the price but it is still too big collasped at about 32in or so. I find it difficult to fit in my luggage and when trying to get into cars and go run/gun when I am not using it that much. So with more run/gun work coming up I decided to look into other option the most attract was the K-tek 56cc which is only 1ft 4in and extend to 4ft 11in but it was close to $500.00 and 4ft 11in is to short. So i decided on the KE 79cc which is 20in and extend to almost 7ft and for $209.00 shipped was a “Sound” invest alright bad joke…… I will get on WED and let everyone know what I think

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