Ktek-79cc Review

Well I received my new boom pole today With the free shipping from BH its total cost was $209.00. When The UPS driver handed me the box surprised how small the pole really was. I opened it and was surprised how well built it was and it is small enough to fit inside my 1510 carry on Pelican case which made me very happy. it extend to almost 7 feet which I think should be enough for most of the ENG Run and Gun jobs I do . So if you need a small boompole than fits in any size case buy this one

My New Boompole

I have grown tired of carrying around a boom pole on reality tv and gun/run jobs that is always getting in the way especially since I really don’t use it all that much. I currently have a K-tek Stage pole that extends to 18 feet I rarely use this pole anymore except for when I do film work or on set tv work I love the pole but it is way to big to carry around. I have for the last three years been using a K-tek Avalon pole that extends to 9 feet it was under $200.00 and has been a great value for the price but it is still too big collasped at about 32in or so. I find it difficult to fit in my luggage and when trying to get into cars and go run/gun when I am not using it that much. So with more run/gun work coming up I decided to look into other option the most attract was the K-tek 56cc which is only 1ft 4in and extend to 4ft 11in but it was close to $500.00 and 4ft 11in is to short. So i decided on the KE 79cc which is 20in and extend to almost 7ft and for $209.00 shipped was a “Sound” invest alright bad joke…… I will get on WED and let everyone know what I think

Which Boompole is right for me?

If your a beginning sound mixer choosing a boompole can be a confusing since there are countless brands and types. The most commonly found boompoles in a professional sound are K-tek and VDB internally cabled poles. There are many different models but for someone on a tight budget the K-tek KE89CC that is 2.5ft-7.5ft in length and sells for under $200.00 is a good choice . It is a great boompole for most work except for very wide film shots where more extension is needed. I have owned the KE89cc for many years and it has never failed me. For film work and shoots I know I will need to have more reach I use what I consider to be the BMW or Porsche of boompoles the K-tek K-202CCR side exit carbon fiber boompole  which retails for about $800.00 it extends to 16 feet giving the reach I sometimes need. It is also much lighter weight than the Ke89cc however it is really a luxury but I love having it in my kit. I also own a K-56cc which is the smallest boompole K-tek makes it is only 1ft 4in collapsed and extends to 4ft 11in. It fits inside 1560 pelican case and can be easily put into most carry on bags. For travel jobs where I will be using mostly wireless lav’s I will bring this pole because it is easy to travel with and easy to carry around. However its limited reach does not make it an ideal boompole for all situations. So for most situation 7-9 feet of reach is plenty however having the ability to extend up to 16 feet is sometimes a must.