Protools Mbox Mini

I strictly do Location Sound recording and mixing these days. When I went to college I did a decent amount of post production sound work and owned a Digi 002 and used it well in my little home studio. Well when I decided to start investing in Location Sound gear it was the first thing to go. Occasionally I missed having Protools at home because in my spare time I like to out and record nature sounds and occasionally will record some local music for fun. I decided I wanted to get a mbox or a small interface that would fit nicely into my laptop bag with my Macbook I settled on the new Mbox mini which has 2 inputs 1 XLR/1/4in and 1 just 1/4 which was fine with me as I will be always using a mixer with it. I got it last week installed it in 10 min and was able to load a old session up quickly. I also like the ability to on some of the lower budget feature I do to be able to import some field audio and be able to Eq it or edit it quickly if needed. I also plan on downloading the two channel version of boom recorder so that I could use the laptop to record on set if I needed to all in all I think it was a good investment for the price.

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