Lectrosonics Announces Camera Link

Digital Hybrid Wireless diversity receiver offers two independent
channels and fits into the standard slots found on pro video cameras.
Graphic spectrum scanning provides easy location of clear operating
frequencies. The two receivers offer 256 frequencies and operate with
any of the Lectrosonics 400 Series transmitters without a compander in
the audio path and compatibility modes facilitate operation with
Lectrosonics 100/200 Series and IFB analog systems, along with analog
transmitters from two other manufacturers. MSRP is $3,300, with
deliveries in Dec, 2007. AES booth #642.”

This is exciting news for all of us who love lectrosonics products

1 thought on “Lectrosonics Announces Camera Link”

  1. And for the camera ops who complaing about weight and size on their cameras…even though they want audio they don’t have to worry about…

    In a bag it will be a nice thing also….



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