Sennheiser Evolution Wireless

If your a beginning sound mixer or just need to add an extra wireless to your kit but cannot afford the $3000.00 for a new Lectrosonics 411 System or $1800.00 for a used Lectrosonics 211 system then a Senneheiser Evolution G2 system may be right for you at a price point of $500.00 for the standard system or $600.00 for a system that also includes a plug on transmitter they are the best wireless under $1000.00 without question I used them for 2 years before I could afford my Letrosonics systems and still use them today on larger jobs. They also are great for sending timecode to a smart slate and for monitoring a headphone feed as well. The units are very well built as well I have had them dropped many times and abused by talent with no issues. They are ready to use right out of the box the only thing that needs to be changed is a better lav microphone should be purchased as the provided lav isn’t very good. I would recommend a Countryman EMW for $180.00 and a spare 1/8in mini to xlr cable  Different Lav choices were discussed in a earlier blog post.  But you can get a pair of these units with Countryman EMW for under $1500.00 which is a great value. The units also have great battery life each unit takes 2 AA batteries which last about ten hours. I have nothing but positive things to say for about these units I also rent mine often to local film makers who find them easy to use and comment on how good they sound for the price. If anyone would like to rent mine for a few days to try them out let me know.

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