Sound Devices 664 Continues Improvement

One of the things I love about Sound Devices is that are always listening to user feedback and continuing to improve there products. The 664 was a great product when first released and is now an outstanding product because of continued firmware improvements. It is the best machine I have ever owned or worked with it. It truly blends the best of a ENG Mixer and a Recorder. The two latest firmwares 1.5/1.6 have added many great features including outdoor screen brightness mode, solid meters and indented left tone. If anyone has 664 questions feel free to email me

2 thoughts on “Sound Devices 664 Continues Improvement”

  1. Should i buy the 552 or the 664 ?
    i have the budget for the 552 but i could save up some more cash and get the 664.
    i am currently looking to produce my own low budget short, is it over kill investing in the 664?


    1. All depends on your needs. If you need a machine that can multi track and generate timecode then save for a 664. If most of your work is DSLR or to full size cameras and you don’t need timecode or multi track but just a quality stereo back up then 552 is fine.


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