Lectrosonics SRB a Powerful addition to our set up

This year it has been our focus to build the lightest weight and most agile audio bag possible. As client needs rapidly change we want to be able to provide the best equipment possible at the most affordable prices. The Sound Devices 664 has become are new “Go To” machine for almost all of our bag work its power efficiency and flexibility. To pair with it we have been using the Lectrosonics SRA receiver that provides a Stereo receiver that weighs less than 8 ounces and is super power efficient however range was sometimes an issue this is no longer a issue though.

Over the past few months we have upgraded the SRA to the new SRB model and the difference has been dramatic. The range is now rock solid and the RF robustness has been improved as well. This past week I was easily getting 30-40 yards with the unit in Dual Channel mode with plenty of RF range left.  In single channel mode where the unit uses all its RF on only 1 channel I was getting 80 yards with talent sitting in a metal horse drawn carriage it was impressive and reenforced to us that our newest set up is a great setup below is a brief summary of our current main set up:

Sound Devices 664 6 Channel recorder and mixer in a Petrol 617 bag

(3) Lectrosonics SRB Receivers for 6 Channel of Wireless

(6) Lectrosonics MM400 waterproof transmitters with Sanken / Countryman lav mics

(2) Lectrosonics HM Plug on transmitters

(2) Lectrosonics LMA TX SRB RX camera link set ups

We are confident this setup with be with us to many years to come.

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