Why Your Microphone Choice Matters

I had a producer a few weeks ago ask me why I owned so many different condenser microphones. I told her to think of it as different lens choices for different situations. As an example most of our sit down interviews were inside so my microphone of choice for most indoor interviews is the Scheops CMC641 however when moving outside I want a bit more rejection and wind protection so my normal outdoor mic of choice is the Scheops Cmit 5U it offers a bit more rejection and has a bit more reach in a wider interview frame and outdoor interview frames IMHO tend to be a bit wider then indoor. If we move outside and it is very rainy or wet I may grab my Sennehiser MKH-416 which is always a safe choice when your outside.

My first lav of choice is always the Sanken Cos-11 it is durable and matches well with any overhead mic. However I also have a fully array of Countryman B6 mics which provide a good sound as well and due to the small size can be helpful, The Countryman B6 is also water and sweat proof.

If I could only have 1 of each type of mic I would choose the MKH 416 and the Sanken Cos-11 with this combo you can handle anything with great sound.

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