Boom Vs Lav for Sit Down interviews

I got an email asking how I approach sit down interviews. The first question that needs an answer is what type of interview is it? Talent only on camera or is it a 1 on 1 or a 2 on 1 or many with one correspondent. The easiest interview to mic in talent only on camera unless I am in a noisy environment I hardly ever use a lav mic. My mics of choice for interviews are my Schoeps Cmit for a wider frame and the Schoeps CMCMk41 set up for a standard interview frame. Both these mics provide an outstanding audio quality far superior to a lav mic. If I am doing a 1 on 1 interview The Cmit goes over the correspondent and the CMC over the interviewee. The Cmit sounds better in a wider shot then the CMC. If I am doing a 2 on 1 I will use (2) CMC and (1) Cmit. Anything over a 2 on 1 is usually too wide for boom only coverage and the lavs come out. I take pride in getting a great sounding interview and the Schoeps help me do that.

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