Sound Devices 664 a Real Game Changer

The term “Game Changer” is often over used however this is a situation where it really does apply. In the 12 years I have been a professional sound mixer nothing has changed the way I work more then this machine. This past week I really pushed the routing abilities of the unit to its limit. For a multi cable interview I was able to feed 3 Camera, record transcription via Mp3 and record at full multi channel back up via Bwav files while also providing a IFB feed as well. Doing this even a year ago would have required 2 mixers, 2 recorders and some Y adapter cables, while this older set up worked it wasn’t efficient and looked like a rats nest. The 664 does it very clean quickly and also provides me with return mounting and metering for all 3 cameras. The machines flexibility, low power use and easy to navigate menus  are its most important attributes though. I have had more then one client comment on how they were impressed that one machine could do so much. I look forward to many more years with the 664 providing me and my client with great service.

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