Sound Devices 664 Review Part 2

The more I use my Sound Devices 664 the more I like it. It has been excelling on many different types of shoots for me. Most of my clients are surprised that a machine this sleek can do so much. The other great thing about the machine is battery life. I can easily make it 8 hours with the 664 and 2 Lectrosonics SR in my bag. So 2 Np1 will power my package all day the 788 will easily eat 4 Np1 during a 12 hour day. When your in ENG mode running around only having to carry 1 spare NP1 is a huge deal. It also sits very well in the Petrol 617 bag that I have been using its firmware is rock slot I have not had any media I/O errors or operational errors at all.

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