New Equipment Remote Audio BDS Version 4

The newest evolution of the Remote Audio Battery Distribution System (BDS) advances the concept of efficient multi-device powering with valuable new features in two new models, the BDSv4 and BDSv4u. Both models feature a new low battery warning LED and panel-accessible selector toggles. One such toggle makes the 6th BDS outlet switched or unswitched, while the other enables easy selection of the low-battery warning threshold.

The BDSv4u is the flagship of the new BDS line and includes a built-in USB power outlet and a remote accessory port. The USB outlet is a 2A circuit, capable of powering and charging* devices as small as the iTouch, and as large as an iPad. The BDSv4u also includes the remote port for use with Remote Audio accessories such as the RM(Remote Meter) and RS(Remote Switch).

The BDSv4 has the same features of the v4u, minus the USB and remote ports. The v4 is very compact–smaller than the v4u, and even smaller than its predecessor, the BDSv3.

Like previous versions of the Remote Audio BDS, all Remote Audio BDS input and BDS output cables and accessory devices are compatible with the BDSv4 and BDSv4u.

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