Remote Audio D6 Deva Accessory

Need to control analog outputs of your Deva or Fusion? Below is what Remote Audio has to say about the D6

The Zaxcom Deva and Fusion recorders have immense mixing capability, but there are no controls for the analog output levels. Even when using the optional Zaxcom Mix-12 control surface, only outputs 1 thru 4 have level controls.

The D6 was developed by Remote Audio as a convenient way to individually adjust the analog output levels of the Deva and Fusion recorders. It is a completely passive device, requiring no power to operate. The D6 utilizes high-quality ALPS potentiometers, and maintains a balanced signal throughout. It is housed in a rugged, powder-coated aluminum chassis.

The D6 is compatible with the following Zaxcom recorder models: Deva IV, Deva V, Deva 5.8, Deva 16, Fusion 10 & Fusion 12, and will work with or without the Mix-8 or Mix-12 control panels connected. On models with eight channels of analog output (Deva 16 & Fusion 12), channels seven and eight are passed-through the D6 unaffected. With the knobs turned fully clockwise, no attenuation occurs (there is no insertion loss when using the D6). Various dB attenuation points are shown around each knob for reference.

Connecting the D6

The D6 mounts to the Deva/Fusion via a right-angle male DB25 connector. Two thumbscrews are provided to create a secure connection. A breakout cable is then connected to the D6 via the female DB25. That cable typically has six or eight male XLR connectors, depending on the model of recorder.

Using the D6

The D6 is useful in the following examples typically found on the film/video production set:

  • Control the volume and fade out music tracks to a loudspeaker system, without affecting the input level of the recorder.
  • Control the headphone volume to a boom operator.
  • Control the audio level to the video assist equipment.
  • Volume control to actors’ ear wigs.

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