Remote Audio HighNoise Headphones

For many years I have been a die hard user of Beyer Dynamic DT 770 headphones I have always liked these headphones for there isolation and comfort. With many of my projects being in noisy locations I decided I wanted to try something with a bit more isolation. Well these headphones did not fail to impress, the isolation is excellant as well as comfort and sound quality since they use the Sony MDR 7506. I purchased two pairs one with a headset mic for my 788T cart and a 2nd with no mic for my bag work. below is what Remote Audio has to say about the headphones:

Sound mixers often find themselves in very high noise environments such as helicopters, raceways, firing ranges, rock concerts, etc., left with ringing ears and wondering what was actually being recorded.

Providing extreme isolation from outside noise and using Sony MDR-7506 drivers with special baffling, the Remote Audio HN-7506 allows accurate, full-range monitoring in loud environments and adds a high degree of protection from hearing damage while giving the user the familiar sound of the industry standard Sony headphones.

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