Replacing Pelican cases with a lighter option

I am constantly evolving the way I work and trying to make my life easier. Back in December I decided I had enough of carrying heavy cases and switched to a Stanley Rolling Tool box and I couldn’t be happier. I still have all the pelican cases if I need to ship or fly with my gear. Below is how I have it set up :

Top Tray– Lav mics, Lav boxes with clips windscreens, pouch with mounting options, Garfield bra mic straps
Top Box– Lectro pouch with Plug on TX and 2 spare Lectro systems Spare MDR 7506 cans, Rycote under covers, ziplock with extra moleskin, hush lavs and other noise control items. headphone amp for boom op 9v and AA batteries
Middle Tray: 4 comteks 1 tx 3 sets of folding headphones Remote audio ear buds comtek cables (3) I power chargers space for 4 np1 ( only 2 in picture) MKH 416 in softee Rode NTG-3 in storage tube and AT 8415 shockmount
Bottom Bin (3) Lectro pouches with all my adapters, special cables and Neopax straps IDX and Maha chargers breakaway snake (2) 25ft XLR Zaxcom hop Zepplin with Cmit in it  and Ktek 79 spare boom pole

The configuration above is for ENG/ Reality and direct to cam jobs for other jobs I will remove the Ke-79 boompole and Zaxcom pouch and swap it for my (2) Smart Slates and Timecode/744T pouch. So instead of having to repack I just have to swap two pouches out. I fit 2 1610 pelicans worth of stuff in Fat Max and it is still light enough to pick up.

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