New Equipment (2) MM400 Waterproof transmitters

To better serve our client and to protect against (L&D) Loss and Damage I have added (2) Lectrosonics MM400 waterproof transmitters. They are 100 percent water and sweat proof below is what Lectrosonics has to say about them:

The rugged, water resistant MM400C is based on Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology, a revolutionary new design that combines 24-bit digital audio with an analog FM radio link. The result is outstanding audio quality plus the extended operating range of the best analog wireless systems in a package that can withstand the most extreme moisture and temperature environments.

The MM400C is conveniently powered by a single AA battery, with internal switching power supplies providing constant voltages to the transmitter circuits from the beginning (1.5 volts) to the end (0.85 volts) of battery life. The 100 mW output with an RF circulator/isolator in the output stage provides excellent operating range while virtually eliminating intermodulation problems common in multichannel environments. The 4.5 hour battery life (lithium) is comparable to standard transmitter models operating on 9 V batteries.

2 thoughts on “New Equipment (2) MM400 Waterproof transmitters”

  1. Whitney,
    Just stumbled across your page this morning while looking for something else. Saw your paragraph about your MM400 transmitters. BE CAREFUL! The MM400 is not waterproof, it is advertised as water resistant. Big difference. Recently went thru this with the factory and my supplier here in LA. No one will recommend these for truly wet applications. My need for them inside wet suits of surfers was strongly discouraged. Should they get any kind of wet inside they are not warranted by your reseller or the factory. No one will repair them if they stop working as a result of getting wet (due to the implied repair warranty). Simply drying them out will likely result in the function returning to them, but it will most likely be only temporary. In a few months they will become unreliable. Anything involved with salt water simply amplifies the danger and disfunction. Just sending this along as an aid to a fellow sound mixer. Good luck.


    1. I have used them in the past and know what they can and cannot due. But I have used them in all sorts of wet situations and never had a issue thanks for reading


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