Lav Bullet

The Lav Bullet is The easiest way to wire talent quickly and less obtrusively.

Connect the LAV-BULLET to you lavalier (using either the Switchcraft connector (Lectrosonics) or attach the 3 pin Lemo adapter (Sennheiser/Zaxcom) to help minimize the amount of time it takes to wire talent.

The weighted bullet literally “shoots” down the outift of the talent with ease, allowing you to get on with your duties, rather that wait for them to shake their leg or reach up their shirt – just to get the connector down!

Each Lav-Bullet is made from a high grade stainless steel and is machined by hand. They are then laser engraved and buffed to beautiful finish.

The Bullet has been out for awhile but I finally purchased one on my expendables order for an upcoming project with many talent wearing flight suits. I figured this would help me out a bit I will report back if it actually helps me or not.

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